GLOBALink | How China guards against Delta variant

Source: Xinhua| 2021-08-07 16:49:18|Editor: huaxia

The recent spread of the highly infectious Delta variant of the novel coronavirus in many parts of China has highlighted the resilience of the country's epidemic-control system.

Based on the previous effective epidemic-control measures against COVID-19, China is prepared, cautiously and confidently, to bring the new spread under control.

Massive testing, targeted lockdowns, extensive contact tracing and quarantine are the tried and tested formula that has helped China contain the COVID-19 epidemic and sporadic resurgences. Now these measures are in full swing once again, as the country strives to flatten the curve of daily locally-transmitted cases caused by the Delta variant.

All 31 provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland have urged residents not to go to medium- and high-risk areas for COVID-19 or leave the provinces where they live unless it is necessary. Within 10 days, three rounds of citywide mass testing were conducted in east China's Nanjing City, where the latest outbreak started when nine airport staff were infected with the Delta strain.

The Chinese people have shown strong solidarity and cooperation in combating the new outbreak, as they did in 2020.

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